Santa Truck Block Party



Starting @6:30

4861 Ridgemoor Cir.

Annual Meeting

Hi Neighbors!!

We are now just a month away from the Annual Santa Truck Block Party and we wanted to let you know that the party will be held here at 4861 Ridgemoor Circle, starting at 6:30 on Dec. 6th.

The Santa Truck is due to arrive sometime between 8 and 9 pm, and there are a few changes this year (see comments below). Santa will not be handing out gifts personally to the kids, only taking photos, but If you want Santa’s “elves” to give a gift to your child/children then you will need to have a small pre-wrapped gift with a name tag (First and Last names please) dropped off here prior to Santa’s arrival so that we can make sure we don’t miss anyone!
We will be accepting gifts at our home to hand out as early as Nov. 31st.

Because Santa’s helpers are off duty East Lake Fire Department employees that are volunteering their time to the kids, I’d like to ask if those participating could consider making a donation to ELFR to thank them for their time and effort. We will have a collection for any donations at the party. Thank you!

Brian and I will be providing pizza (gluten free options also), kids drinks, bottled water, and holiday cupcakes. It’s potluck, so bring your favorite covered dish, dessert or beverage and come and join the fun!!
We look forward to seeing everyone there!!!!

Thank you,

Rachel and Brian