Dec 2017 Newsletter

Up-Coming Events
With the Holiday Season upon us there are several community wide events you should take note of. Everyone is invited to attend and if you should have any questions please contact us via email at Hope to see you there!

Dec. 9th – Annual Ornament Party

4822 Ridgemorr Circle @ 7 p.m.

Details – For Ladies Only, bring an ornament (approx. $10 value) to swap.  Please also bring a dish and a favorite bottle of wine (or two) to share.

Dec. 11th – Annual Santa Truck Block Party
4779 Ridgemoor Circle @ 6 p.m. *Santa is expected around 7;30 p.m.*

Details – Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. This is a pot luck holiday dinner so please bring a dish and a beverage to share with your friends and neighbors. Santa will arrive, escorted by the crew from Eastlake Fire Rescue. EFR will be taking up a collection for their children’s burn victim charity so we ask that each family in attendance contribute $20 to this worthy cause.

Santa will provide a photo opportunity with your child and pass out small gifts if you’d like. If you want your child to receive a gift please provide a small, wrapped gift labeled with your child’s first and last name and age. Please drop the gift off at the address above prior to the day of the party.

Dec. 17th – 1st Annual Holiday Lighting Contest

*Please see the article on the next page for more information

Dec. 22nd – Caroling Party
4936 Ridgemoor Circle @ 6:30 p.m.

Details – please bring a dessert/snack and a beverage to share along with your best singing voice for some traditional caroling fun!


1st Annual Holiday Lighting Contest

We would like to start a new neighborhood tradition, an annual Holiday Lighting Contest! Entering is easy, simply have your decorations up and lights on by 7 p.m. on Sunday, December 17th. A five-judge panel of your friends and neighbors will tour the community at that time to pick the best display based on creativity and overall wow factor. Prizes will be awarded to one 1st place winner and 1 runner up. Should the weather be uncooperative on that Sunday judging will take place on Tuesday, December 19th. So, get down your decorations and start running those extension cords. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


Community Garage Sale Day Feb 17th, 2018

It’s that time of year again, the holidays are creeping up and you wonder, “where did the time go and where did all this stuff come from?” Clothes hardly worn, toys never played with and that kitchen gadget you used once clutter your home and remind you of the money wasted. Well, don’t despair!! It’s community-wide garage sale time again soon! Purge all that stuff that no one wants anymore, because you know what they say, “one person’s unwanted, untouched, unappreciated, still-in-the-box junk is another person’s treasure”. After the holiday craziness and before spring break, Saturday, Feb. 17th is the perfect time for our neighborhood-wide garage sale. In case the weather doesn’t cooperate, Saturday Feb. 24th will be the make-up day. If you are planning to participate, please email with your name and address so we can communicate any additional information or changes. May all your unwanted items find new homes! And please, remember to put all the stuff that doesn’t sell back in your garage or in the trash.


Keep Your Home Looking Its Best

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and regular maintenance is key to preserving its value and to keeping it looking its best. After a hot and humid summer, the cooler winter months are a great time to tackle those exterior projects. Stucco surfaces especially need regular attention as they are not waterproof unless painted or otherwise sealed. Regular cleaning with a mild bleach solution or another mold & mildew remover will not only protect the surface from damage but keep it looking great. Additionally, if you haven’t had your house painted in the last 8 to 10 years now may be a great time to consider a fresh look. Don’t forget about your driveway and sidewalk either. These surfaces collect grim and mildew, especially as they age, so an annual pressure washing is a good idea. On a related note, even though the Association has the new mailboxes cleaned twice a year (January & July) it is important to remove dirt like bird droppings as needed. If your mailbox unit needs cleaning please DO NOT use harsh or abrasive cleaners like bleach or acid. These products will damage the paint finish. Warm, soapy water is all that should be needed. Finally, don’t neglect your landscape. Late winter/early spring is a great time to trim trees and shrubs, install new plants and freshen mulch. A little TLC now will go a long way towards keeping your home looking its best year-round and will help to preserve your investment for years to come.


Natural Wonder

Wow, and I mean “WOW!”, have you ever stopped to look around and to consider how lucky we are to live in a community like Coventry Village? The friendliness of our neighbors, the surrounding nature preserve, and the abundant wildlife all make this a great place to call home. Having recently moved here with my family from Colorado I am no stranger to encounters with wildlife. From hummingbirds and rattlesnakes to even a few bears and a moose, we’ve seen our share of animals in the mountains but there Is something special about having so much wildlife in our own backyard. In the short time we’ve lived here it has been a treat to watch the White Ibis looking for fish in the retention ponds or to see my daughters play with the frogs that gather, attracted by the lights, in the evenings. Certainly, some encounters like my neighbor finding a rattlesnake outside his window are scary but others like saving a soft-shelled turtle from entering the road are rewarding.
The abundance of deer and turkey in the area is also a blessing but can also be a nuisance. While it’s nice to see the animals along the road it sometimes seems like the drive up to Eastlake Rd. can take forever and it’s tempting to drive a little faster than maybe we should. Unfortunately, many animals, like deer, are attracted to the lights of the road and an encounter between a deer and a vehicle can be deadly for both the deer and the humans involved. Since we can’t change the animals our best bet is to change our own behavior. Taking an extra minute or two to drive a little slower in and out of the neighborhood can help prevent those unwanted meetings and who knows, you might just get to see some amazing nature along the way.


Safe Driving in our Community

Happy Holidays to all the residents, family and friends of Coventry Village. While we all get ready to enjoy the holidays let us also remember to pay a little extra attention while behind the wheel. Our children and their friends will surely be outside enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. Also, please be sure to make your guests aware of the many deer and turkey that share our community to help avoid accidents. It has also been noted that some residents are ignoring the 3-way stop at Bridgeton Court. This traffic control measure was overwhelmingly approved by your neighbors and has been in place now for over a year. Those who fail to stop, or who drive recklessly thru the community, not only endanger their own safety but also the lives and property of others. The Pinellas County Sherriff’s office has been made aware of this ongoing issue and traffic patrols will occur at random intervals. If for no other reason than to save yourself the cost of a ticket, please slow down and obey the rules of the road. Making an extra effort to be a safe, courteous driver will help to ensure that everyone in our community can enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!


Association News

Lastly, there are a couple of items of which the Board would like everyone to be aware. First, for anyone who was unable to attend the Annual Meeting in November please know that the monthly assessments are increasing with next year’s budget, from $58 to $60 per month. New coupon books are on their way but please be sure to check with your financial institution if you have autopay set up to adjust the payment amount beginning with January 2018. Second, the Board has decided to undertake an update of the community website. The process should not impact your ability to access the site and will result in improved functionality including searchable guidelines and online forms as well as more timely updates. If you haven’t visited the site lately check it out at and look for the new features to go live in January. Finally, don’t forget you can always contact the Board via email at with any questions, concerns or suggestions you might have. Thank you for your time and attention and we wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and all the best in the New Year.

The Board of Directors

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