smash and grabs alert

Good afternoon Neighborhood and Business Watch members,

Recently we have had several cases of “smash and grabs”. Suspects have been going to recreation centers, parks, day care centers and shopping plazas within Pinellas County and smashing out vehicle windows to steal purses, phones, laptops, etc. that have been left in plain view.

Unfortunately, all it takes is a glance and a couple of seconds. They smash the window, grab what they want, and they are gone within moments. The easiest way to avoid becoming a victim is to remove all your valuables and keep items out of plain view. If you must leave an item in your vehicle, make sure you secure it in your trunk prior to getting to your destination to not draw attention to yourself.

As always, if you see suspicious activity please call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number 727-582-6200.

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